WSU Museum of Art – Rick Bartow Exhibit


The thing I love about the Palouse is that it’s all small town but we have some amazing access to art, science and entertainment.  WSU’s Museum of Art is a prime example of this.  Not only do they get some famous exhibits into our country community, they are free to the public.

From now until March 11th, the museum is featuring the art work of Rick Bartow.

Honestly, I don’t know how famous Rick Bartow is.  I do know he is a PNW native.  His art is interesting.  Some pieces more so than others.

What I found to be the most profound of his work was that he continued to create art after he had a stroke a few years ago.  Rick Bartow is no longer with us but his story carries on in his work.  It’s a story of courage and perserverance.


During the school year, the Museum of Art is open Tuesday through Saturday 10 am – 4pm.  The museum is always free but they do accept donation.

For more information, visit their website.


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