Effie Burgers, 1120 Main Street, Lewiston


I often wondered when I would see Lewiston on the map of one of those travel food shows.  Effie Burgers has deserved a place on one of those shows for ever.

Yes, you read that right – Effie’s is the home of the 1 pound burger.



Not only is this burger huge, it’s amazingly good.  The hamburger is fresh and hand formed.  The buns are made specially in a local bakery.  And there are veggies.  You get pickles, relish, tomato, lettuce, and onions on your burger.

The best part – a whole 1 pound burger costs just $10.75.  No one eats one alone.  My husband and I split one and a small order of tator tots for less than $15.  We ate breakfast at McDonald’s earlier that day and it cost us $12 and we were nowhere near as full as we were leaving Effie Burgers.


Despite their attention to the burger, Effies is a hole in the wall bar like place.  It’s not fancy and their menu is very limited.  But then you go for the burgers.




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