Taqueria Chaparrito, 227 E Main, Pullman

IMG_20170408_171210IMG_20170408_165625It was an absolute fluke we found this restaurant.  It’s a tiny hole in the wall place.  It’s got like 3 employees so if you are not a patient person this is not the place for you.

However, if you love cheap food that tastes greats and leaves you stuff, this is the place to go.  We love Mexican food and it’s hard to find something that is interesting in Pullman.  The menu is not incredibly varied but the choice of meats had me reeling – they serve tongue here.  And before you make that face – try it.  My husband used to joke that he didn’t want to eat anything that could taste him back but we’ve become fans.  The tongue here is so good.

The picture above is dessert.  Oh goodness it was amazing.  And we were so stuffed.  There were 4 of us – we split 2 baskets of chips, each had an entree and then split 2 desserts.  We took food home and practically had another meal.  With all that it turned out to be about $12 a person (not counting tip).  Honestly, I don’t think we could have done better at a fast food restaurant and definitely not better at any sit down restaurant.

The service is slow but like I said there are about 3 employees.  We went late on a Saturday afternoon.  We visited and laughed and enjoyed one of the most varied salsa bars I’ve ever seen.  It’s the way a meal should be.

There’s not a ton of seating and it never seems to be full which is a good thing because I think people don’t realize how amazing the place really is.

For more information – check them out on facebook.


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