My family has lived in the Palouse region for a long time.  We love to explore and travel.  It has been a longtime dream of mine to share our exploration of this wonderful area.  The Palouse has so much to offer and much of it is nearly free.  While I will put the majority of my focus on Latah and Whitman Counties, I will share other adventures we have in the area.   I may even go as far as the coast but always remaining in the Pacific Northwest.  I hope you join me on this journey.

I will let you know right up front that this blog/site will be updated sporadically, starting January 2017.  I hope to share information on festivals and events prior to the actual date of the event so you can join us.  I will, also, share our experience after it has happened.  It is a project in the works so expect it to evolve and change over time as well.

As for me, I am a married mom of a near-adult child.  I love being in the outdoors as well as embracing the cultural and eye-opening events that our area is famous for.  I love food so there will be lots of talking about food from eating it to finding it.  I hope to have a year filled with foraging, camping, fishing as well as enjoying so many fun events in our area.