CUB Gallery – WSU

We are very fortunate to have so many opportunities to view and experience art here in the Palouse.  The CUB Gallery is quite small but it's a nice detour from the norm.  Located at the East exit on the first floor of the CUB, this brief foray into art is not to be missed.  Often … Continue reading CUB Gallery – WSU


WSU Gallery II – Utopia/Dystopia

This is a tiny gallery in the Fine Arts building at WSU.  Unfortunately, I am sharing this with little time left on this exhibit.  The hours for this gallery are limited to Monday through Friday 8am - Noon and 1pm - 5pm.  This made for some difficulty getting over there.  I, also, didn't realize the … Continue reading WSU Gallery II – Utopia/Dystopia

Palouse Discovery Science Center, 950 NE Nelson Ct, Pullman

If you haven't discovered PDSC yet, now is the time.  It's a great retreat from the weather or just boredom.  It is geared towards younger children but there are still a number of activities that will captivate older children and adults. The science center has a number of stations that encourage problem solving as well … Continue reading Palouse Discovery Science Center, 950 NE Nelson Ct, Pullman